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Features of Twinlet Holders

Instead of traditional rolled knurling, this holder hold workpieces with two knurling wheels. So it relieve stress on both the machine and the material itself. You can process the workpieces at any position by using an adjustable screw.
Attachable to any tooling machine with various shank angles.
Easily exchangeable-use one knurl for both right-hand and left-hand (8.0íŽ10.0íŽ12.0íŽ16.0íŽ20.0 Length:100mm)
An ultra-small diameter knurling tool is available for tight-fitting machines.
Twinlet Holders

Features of Small Twinlet Holders

All the features of a regular clamp-type holder are in an ultra-compact size.
New design for use with tight-fitting machines.
New design puts less stress on the bushes compared to single knurling, so less burn.
Rear locking system enables width adjustments while being installed.
"No offset" design enables knurling on the base of the bushes at any angle.
Small Twinlet Holders

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